Founded by Pasquale Paradiso, the company has more than 30 years of experience in the work of marble and natural stone.


Pasquale Paradiso started his career as a simple worker in a marble workshop on 23 August 1982, when he was only 15, but despite his young age, he felt immediately that that work would have been the biggest passion of his life.


The natural talent for the art of the stone and the determination of Pasquale Paradiso, combined with the competence of his staff of consultants and technicians who in the meantime joined him, year by year allowed the company to realize more and more difficult projects, experimenting each time new techniques and new solutions.


Through the establishment of new partnerships, since 1997 the company made a real jump in quality, and managed to win projects and tenders of considerable importance, such as the realization of a famous Russian actrice and TV announcer’s villa located in Sant’Elpidio a Mare (Fermo), the villa of a well-known shoemaking businessman in Monte Urano (Fermo), an historic palace in Motegranaro (Fermo), and many others.


Always supporting and promoting the high quality of the materials, the attention for customer care and an entirely made in Italy design, today Paradiso Marmi has an undisputed experience and competitiveness in the stone processing, and Pasquale Paradiso continues to be the soul of the company and the beating heart of the workshop, creating this way a perfect combination between tradition and innovation.


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